ConnectLearn 21 is a collaborative initiative to identify best practices in online learning commons that help educators and learners connect with each other for effective, compelling 21st-century learning.

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Standards-based systems in Pennsylvania and New York

By Jay Collier, The Compass LLC, and Michael Horning, Jr., 3rd Learning

Standards-based education is a framework of expectations — integrating content, skills, and concepts — for children at all grade and academic levels. Many states are developing assessment systems in order to facilitate their students’ mastery of the content and skills defined by their own state standards as well as by the national .

Pennsylvania Standards Aligned System

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Glow Scotland and EduBuzz: a tale of two approaches

Over the past decade, the Web has evolved from a publishing tool to a collaboration and curation platform, and educational institutions have struggled to keep up with exponential change, including growing access to learning materials, programs, and platforms outside school walls.

In Scotland, two initiatives begun around 2004 — and — illustrate different approaches to providing such collaboration and curation functions to learners, educators, and parents. Both platforms are actively used by thousands of constituents, and are approaching a second generation of development. Continue reading

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Commons in a Box

The City University of New York (CUNY) on November 22, 2011, that they had received funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundaiton for a new open source project, “The Commons in a Box.”

The has been one of the leading examples of using , , and for academic social networks. This new initiative will make it easier for other organizations to set up similar sites without having to install and configure all the components from scratch.

CUNY Academic Commons

CUNY Academic Commons

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Capturing our collective knowledge

We’ve created three inventories to capture our collective knowledge about online communities of practice for educators:

We published these lists as publicly-editable Google spreadsheets to encourage you to contribute.

Is your platform, project, book, or article listed? If not, please add it. If so, please make sure we’ve included the correct information!

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Tom Whitby: What’s a connected educator?

Excerpts from

As educators we are no longer limited to information provided by principals and journals. We can reach out and connect with our own sources that we develop on our own. As educators we are no longer forced to limit our students to what they can learn from textbooks. We can guide them beyond what those books are limited to through connections….

The very concept of connecting with others in order to takes one’s self further, is the driving force of connectedness. For us to be involved in the discussion of our profession, we need to be up to date on what topics are driving the discussion…. Continue reading

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Maine: Toward a new state of learning

Case study: Developing a statewide community of best practices
By , founder and executive director, The Compass LLC
Digital strategy consultant for the

The has been an innovator in networked learning for over 15 years.

A consortium to provide Internet access to schools and libraries was established as early as 1996; now the serves almost 1,000 sites statewide. Continue reading

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An open, international learning registry

As Web publishing and collaboration tools have become less expensive and easier to use over the past 5 years, more and more groups of teachers and learners have been able to take their communities of practice online and collaborate with partners anywhere around the world. Continue reading

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